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The PGM (People of Global Majority) VO List came into existence out of turmoil and a burning desire to make some sort of noticeable change in the entertainment industry. After the events of George Floyd’s murder and the global Black Lives Matter movement that immediately followed, a reckoning took place in all aspects of life within the predominantly white institutions that define the United States. This particularly applied to the voiceover industry, which is riddled with white European actors often voicing characters of global majority and the production companies run by white people who perpetuate such actions and behavior. To rectify this, the question then became:

“Where can I find such diverse voiceover actors?”

And thus the PGM VO List came to be on June 30th, 2020. It first started as a crude Google Excel sheet to bolster the visibility of VO actors as the BIPOC VO List at first but over time, it quickly grew by the hundreds, adapted into different formats, and linked with numerous VO talent agencies, production companies, and casting directors. It then changed not only in format but adopted the Global Majority identity to reclaim our power in this world. Despite its rapid growth, the mission was always the same.

Now operated by
Voices of Color, the main purpose of the PGM VO List is to present a large-scale showcase of global majority voices that is both representative and accessible to support increasing efforts for inclusion in the VO space. But it is also more than just a showcase. The PGM VO List is a community, a place of safety, and a foundation to which education, opportunities, and social awareness can take place. That is where the true purpose of this list lies and where the real work begins.

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