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Risa Mei

Graphics and Web Designer | Social Media Admin

Risa Mei is a singer, voice actress, motion capture artist, and suit actress with dwarfism based out of Los Angeles, CA. She started singing and dancing at the age of 7 and toured around Southern California, New York, and Las Vegas as both a soloist and with various sing and dance groups. Then during high school, she created a Youtube for music and singing ( After graduating high school, she went on to study at Azusa Pacific University and graduated with a Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance.

During college she became the lead singer of punk rock band Psycho Bando and performed at various events in Southern California, including Anime Expo. She then went on to co-create 4TE (, a remotely created Japanese electronic pop girl group and released three singles, all while living and performing in Osaka at Universal Studios Japan where she performed for shows like The Amazing Sesame Street - a stunt show, the One Piece Premiere Show and events, and Halloween Horror Nights.

Upon her return to California, Risa joined the Jim Henson Company’s cast of Word Party on Netflix as the motion capture and voice actress of Tilly the Tortoise, and was then cast in Funimation’s By the Grace of the Gods as Cilia, Kakushigoto as Nadila, and Shadows House as Rum and Shirley! Most recently you can hear her in Genshin Impact as both story and playable character Sangonomiya Kokomi.

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